Tuesday, June 30, 2009

M K & A

as a girl into fashion, draping, and oversized everything-its kinda hard not to absolutly LOVE everything the olsens wear! i wouldnt, and probablly couldnt, wear all that they do...but my goodness isnt it inspirational? these pics are street style, rather than red carpet style-thats just what i identify with more. the scarves, huge purses, layering and loose-fitting graphic tees have me thinking this will be my inspiration for my style evolution for this school year.
two years ago i was all about the white tee, skinny jeans, and scarves-like all the time! i think im gonna research the graphic tee and how to wear it and maintain femininity---and once fall comes the layering is ON! ill get a big, dumb fabulous go-to purse that i can put my books in and a pair of sandals (and flat boots for fall/winter/spring) that i can thriftly wear all the time & im set...its so effortless and the combinations seem endless-the style maintains the same yet each outfit remains unique still. And since i have such an issue with getting up a class, hopefully this will cut down on my prep time immensly!

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