Saturday, June 20, 2009

ruffles & flowers & bows: OH MY!

lets just get straight to it: i LOVE ruffles, flowers, bows, tiers, ballerina skirts...just things that are unmistakeably girly! While reviewing the spring 2009 collections at, i was reminded of that. big flowers or little, they make me happy!

so, i understand there are copyright laws and what not, but ive gotta get my hands on some pics for my blog! im gonna have to get a digital camera i guess...

now, for the things im not so in love with...asymmetrical, unwearable, too-long-unless-you're-a-model pieces! look, bottom line-im 5'5 and have not-so-small shoulders. i mean theyre bigger than average at least, so anything with shoulder pads or that accentuates the shoulder is not happening. And, along those same lines, if i absolutely cannot wear it unless i have on heels b/c it'll make me look like im a 3 year old in my mothers clothing: not happening!

im borderline bohemian. meaning, drapy fabrics and lots 'o' layering is my specialty. the farther away from structured the better-for the most part anyways. im not bohemian enough to claim to be, nor am i enough of any particular style to claim anything. this designer Ann Demeulemeester really seems to understand me, as far as her spring 2009 collection is concerned. i know its summer, but the draping in this collection is genius! its like wearing ten scarves draped in a million different directions; or one giant scarf, wrapped draped & layered.

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