Sunday, June 21, 2009

its time for some inspiration...

there is just something about street fashion that just inspires me...its so unique and individualistic, yet so applicable to my own style and wardrobe. these pics are from which is a compilation of a zillion pics that people send in but there is also designer and brand specific pics: its great!
I was living in Chicago for a few months and could not find inspiration from the people around me, not like DC. While there was a few looks that made me smile, not much that made me wanna get dressed the next morning and CARE! sometimes its the surrounding scenery, skyline, or boutique---i shouldve utilized the internet and found out about these sites earlier. Magazines are great, but theres a HUGE difference from editorial and street...these are some of the pics from this particular website that have inspired me to get dressed tomorrow! and theres much more where this came from...more inspiration soon to come.
I am trying to build my wardrobe because i dont have clothes like i once did. and b/c of that i have lost my drive to buy b/c starting from scratch is very intimidating and overwelming. after almost a year, i think im ready! a lot of research will have to be done b4 any major shopping trips occur; not to mention a job.

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