Sunday, June 28, 2009

D C I M I S S Y O U...

its like a doggy daycare in this house this weekend, my brother is dog sitting plus my sisters puppy-but u cant help but love them. had a great breakfast (i heart biscuits) and subway for dinner. now im being my usual nocturnal self watching roseanne. missed 40 year old virgin today, not happy about that. oh & this exposed brick basement apt in DC inspired me to step up my fashion game ASAP! u cant live in an apt with exposed brick w/ rolling racks full of thrifted clothes combined with a few pieces from a designer (or probabally french connection or more probable h&m) fall 2009's ready-to-wear collection. ohh, i cant wait to get back to DC: jumbo slice pizza in georgetown, jimmy choo for h&m, Georgia Ave thrift store, ben's chilli bown chilli, & one dollar drinks on friday nights at PUR! and of course a visit to my fav bartenders on wednesdays at the upstairs bar at clydes. I CANT WAIT!!!

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