Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NYC baby!

Spent the past couple days in NY! Went to help my friend move back home, she graduated in May. Now I'm on the chinabus back to DC. She lived in Westchester county maybe 45mins from the city, but we went down there on Monday & it was fab! (For the most part anyways) NYC is just so inspiring, everytime I go I wanna find the nearest internship & interview for it...& everytime I leave I wanna make money get good grades & graduate so I can move there! I'm not sure that ill ever live there for good, its soo overwhelming & not to mention expensive, but I think I could do it! Maybe next summer...for now, I need a job & something to eat! & I pray the metro isn't closed when I get to DC & have enough time to grab a bite to eat before I get on the train!
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Blogging Saturday

pink yet grey
pink yet grey by mschloelondon featuring Anthropologie jewelry

spent the day interning...lots of research, reading articles, etc. might be in NY for a couple days-we'll see!? Cocktails, Canada & my girlfriend Crystal...sounds like a good time? i think so...

Social Threads

inspiration for a new clothing line called Social Threads. Im interning for them and things are really coming along...the first collection will have tees, followed by a collection of layering pieces for fall. Look out-its super hot! check out for trends and updates!

Friday, July 24, 2009

aSiA jAm

I just came across what I thought was an asian street style website, but was instead an online boutique, & am excited! The pieces are unique but on par with the trends, & not super expensive either! Everything tended to stay around $20! & I also just discovered I can see pics on on my blackberry...& since I currently don't really have my computer (long story) being able to do things on my bberry makes me even more happy! Its like 5am & I didn't even know it. I've been sleep on & off since 4pm, its been pouring all day & I didn't sleep much last night so 2day was all about rest! Ps: I LOVE MENSWEAR!!!
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Its been a while...

I know its been a while. Been job hunting & catching up with friends in DC! Its soo great to be back-i pray I get a job ASAP! The weather has been decent, well 80s & super humid, but with the exception of todays tsunami like rain its been somewhat barable-which is better than phoenix's not-even-almost barable days, & barely tolerable nights! Hopefully ill be going out tonight, its friday & $1 drinks @ this club pure! Which I don't love, but come on $1 drinks-the only thing better is open bar :) but I dunno what ill wear-sunday my friend/roomate for now invited me to park, which is sorta grown & sexy & so we'll see, I've never been! Anyways, just some pics I saved to my phone for blog updating purposes :)

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

polyvore anyone?

i came across this website called polyvore, where you can create fashion collages. i wish i wouldve came across it earlier in the day, im a little tired to start now. i hope i can do it from my blackberry. now a days, being able to do things on my bb is a major factor of signing up for something such as a website (ie: twitter). gotta pack tomorrow. & taco night @ michelle's! i hope the sprint towers are back up by sunrise, i need to be able to use my blackberry!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

D I Y???

ripped jeans & cut off shorts=tomorrows DIY project. just got word, wine day with the girls! pics are in order-gotta be fly...ive been meaning to do this for a while but havent gotten around to it~& now i can twitter on the go~GET EXCITED!!!


cant help but be inspired by menswear nowadays...the casual loose fitting clothes just suit me!

so close, but yet so far

happy wednesday! i got to DC on sunday night. so excited. my phone is cut back on. trying to set up so i can post on the go. my phone was actin kinda crazy, having like a 1/4 of a second delay when i type-but its better now. i hate washing and drying. i have all these pics to post from a couple days ago, i dont remember which ones ive posted already-ill have to check. downloaded twitter for blackberry (twitterberry)-LOVE! twitter is so addictive, its ridiculous! i dont have to put too much effort like facebook can be, just many short (& often random as i tend to be) updates about my life!

Friday, July 10, 2009

so tired...

i wanna watch breakfast at dvd is still in Chicago, and hasnt been sent to me-i miss it :( got Lauren Conrads new book L.A. Candy which ill start reading tonight. Dont think ill get too far because im exhausted. Also, i studied my french last night (well this morning actualy) anf will continue that tonight! a week and one two days until i head to DC YAY! found two pairs of of shoes i LOVED at target today, am gonna try to get $40 from my dad to get them, theyre on sale! crossing my fingers...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

fashion is life

so i made a list of things i must have now in order to live my life:
1. black jeans
2. clear lens-black framed glasses
3. a super slouchy & big (preferably american apparel) cardigan
4. gladiator sandle that lace up a little, real ancient greece-like that i can wear everyday!
i mean, there are many other things i want-like a romper, high waist shorts, hareem pants, and a pants jumpsuit-but those are the necesities. (ish)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

sunrise or sunset?

just some street style and inspiring pics...not sure what im gonna do with my hair next, im thinking shoulder length and wavy? gotta convince my sis to cut it for me... i went running today at 5am and it was so relaxing. ok, well walking actually-it lets me clear my mind and prevent getting too stressed, which i tend to do when im just sitting inside gaining weight. oh, & i think im gonna cut a pair of jeans tomorrow: into cutoff shorts or holes in them, hope it turns out ok. i want a hot fudge sundae, but i know the mcdonalds by me is closed-where does the time go? klondike ice cream sandwhiches are nasty, ew! pretty...

louis vuitton 2009 rtw...isnt it so pretty?