Thursday, June 18, 2009


I'M A BLOGGER!!! wow, where to start??? well...this blog is about fashion and life, at least as i see it! i am random, and have soo many opinions~i cant help it~i always have. But im not sure that my friends truly appreciate my randomness-maybe its b/c im an a fashion major, and consider my style laid back yet trendy. im borderline bohemian. i just love pieces that are easy w/ a hint of trend; something i can throw on and go. effortless w/ a hint of effort. you know? like, i was wearing a white tee and jeans w/ a scarf, a really hot bag, and a great pair of boots all of 2007. i used to have to write these things called rn's in high school, which stands for readers notebook and is an extended paragraph. So, the whole seperate paragraph thing, not so much. but ill try...

off to a good start right? lol oh yea, sarcasm is my friend! also, sex in the city is my love. So, men will tend to make a cameo in my blog...although, i dont have any MAN in my life right now-so i guess all that one can expect is just not-so-philosophical thoughts on men and why they are the way they are. umm...yea...random is definetly the word i would use to describe myself. though many might use the word 'wierd'---what is wierd anyways? whatever.

ok, so i didnt know if i wanted to do a blog. I knew id always have something to say. and i was really sick of people falling asleep and zoning out on me while i ramble on the phone. im a rambler, but u cant fall asleep while reading---well, yes u can i do it all the time when i study, but at least i wont know! but honestly, i dont care if anyone reads it. i honestly dont think that anyone will be interested enough to do so. but i guess its kinda like a diary, an electronic one, except im not gonna air ALL my dirty laundry! punctuation, not so much (btw). And when i get my blackberry cut back on, it'll be on & SO poppin lol im just me. but i feel like this might end up being about life, how i see it; fashion the way my favorite magazine Elle sees it; and ALL THE STREET FASHION INBETWEEN!

i just came across this great street fashion blog: its cool b/c it has pics and a bunch of different brands with street-fashion-like clothes. you've gotta see it...ive gotta bookmark it (before i forget)...aright i did. oh i forgot, i HEART french too! one day ill go to paris and experience everything that amazing city a la mode has to offer! wow, this was the best idea ever. i get so stressed, this is fab-its making me relaxed and that makes me heureux (happy).

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