Tuesday, June 30, 2009

M K & A

as a girl into fashion, draping, and oversized everything-its kinda hard not to absolutly LOVE everything the olsens wear! i wouldnt, and probablly couldnt, wear all that they do...but my goodness isnt it inspirational? these pics are street style, rather than red carpet style-thats just what i identify with more. the scarves, huge purses, layering and loose-fitting graphic tees have me thinking this will be my inspiration for my style evolution for this school year.
two years ago i was all about the white tee, skinny jeans, and scarves-like all the time! i think im gonna research the graphic tee and how to wear it and maintain femininity---and once fall comes the layering is ON! ill get a big, dumb fabulous go-to purse that i can put my books in and a pair of sandals (and flat boots for fall/winter/spring) that i can thriftly wear all the time & im set...its so effortless and the combinations seem endless-the style maintains the same yet each outfit remains unique still. And since i have such an issue with getting up a class, hopefully this will cut down on my prep time immensly!

pound after pound

soo, im very, particular about my weight...that being said, i can tell if a pound or inch has some sort of inflation in number! The recent increase has me about to go crazy and into depression at the same time, another manic monday perhaps? oh, i doubt it...its just what i see when i look down (at my thighs) isnt what i see when i look in the mirror. maybe every mirror is just made to make u look skinnier. if im hungry i should be able to eat, but i have thighs and have been slacking on my working out so im not feeling so hot about myself. ahhh!!! i cant wait to get back to the city where im forced to work out due to my transportation source: train & bus. and mozzerella quesedillas would be AMAZING right now...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

watching the BET awards, interesting...im not big on awards shows, but the michael jackson tribute had me tuning in right at 8pm. im hoping i wont be nocturnal tonight, since i didnt take a nap, so i thought id upload some of the last of my pics (for now anyways) of inspiration. gotta get to researching-can you say fall/winter 09 style.com?

D C I M I S S Y O U...

its like a doggy daycare in this house this weekend, my brother is dog sitting plus my sisters puppy-but u cant help but love them. had a great breakfast (i heart biscuits) and subway for dinner. now im being my usual nocturnal self watching roseanne. missed 40 year old virgin today, not happy about that. oh & this exposed brick basement apt in DC inspired me to step up my fashion game ASAP! u cant live in an apt with exposed brick w/ rolling racks full of thrifted clothes combined with a few pieces from a designer (or probabally french connection or more probable h&m) fall 2009's ready-to-wear collection. ohh, i cant wait to get back to DC: jumbo slice pizza in georgetown, jimmy choo for h&m, Georgia Ave thrift store, ben's chilli bown chilli, & one dollar drinks on friday nights at PUR! and of course a visit to my fav bartenders on wednesdays at the upstairs bar at clydes. I CANT WAIT!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

i have a lace dress like this, its not see thru but i have yet to wear it...this inspires me to finally do so.

L O V E !

florals...enough said!

i wore an outfit similar to this before...but with a cardigan...i miss my boots :(

florals, pearls, an edgy hair cut-whats not to like?

i love when simplicity and fashion merge...

ok im done, for now...the bottom line: florals have my heart lol & ripped jeans are moving up on my list of loves! ps: i miss my bangs-my hair is curly right now, change is my middle name so who knows what next week will bring...& i miss DC! ill be back soon.

BONJOUR! ripped jeans make me soo happy...

t-shirts...with shorts, tights, leggings, bare-i appreciate making a t-shirt not look so plain. this outfit is so believable...

simple, but thats what i like about it...

i just love it...but gosh am i sucker for florals!

& more florals...

front porch chic? oui, j'aime!

just love...and the hair pulls it all together.

a dress and keds-classic!

Friday, June 26, 2009


...just more pics...

y u m m y

my 1st encounter with wildfox: fabulous! these are just the ones that caught my eye most...more to come.