Friday, July 24, 2009

Its been a while...

I know its been a while. Been job hunting & catching up with friends in DC! Its soo great to be back-i pray I get a job ASAP! The weather has been decent, well 80s & super humid, but with the exception of todays tsunami like rain its been somewhat barable-which is better than phoenix's not-even-almost barable days, & barely tolerable nights! Hopefully ill be going out tonight, its friday & $1 drinks @ this club pure! Which I don't love, but come on $1 drinks-the only thing better is open bar :) but I dunno what ill wear-sunday my friend/roomate for now invited me to park, which is sorta grown & sexy & so we'll see, I've never been! Anyways, just some pics I saved to my phone for blog updating purposes :)

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