Tuesday, July 7, 2009

im so nocturnal, its ridiculous. even when i start getting tired around 11pm i just stay up & it goes away. i need to get this under control before i go back to DC. july 20th is the day-excitement doesnt begin to describe!!! but looking for jobs and places to live doesnt really worj with nocturnal behavior. i mean, when u have a life, you'll be tired. if i could do stuff during normal night hours then maybe id go to sleep...but i am soo bored during the day i fall asleep, or now a days dont wake up until afternoon so then im awake at night. maybe it'll fix itself. i just dont really like to sleep. i love naps. its wierd. its not like i have bad dreams or anything, i just dont wanna sleep at night-its better during the day to me.

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